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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Day at the Beach

Spent a wonderful day at Inverhuron yesterday.  Totally disconnected from the world – it was a much-needed rest.  Inverhuron is one of the best hidden gems.  It’s in a provincial park and you can camp there, or just visit for the day.

Usually when we traipse up to Inverhuron, we go with the niece and the nephew, but yesterday they were at camp, and we went without them.  Such a treat to sit and read without interruption, and to bake slowly on the beach.

Now I just have to figure out when I can go back.



Trying Tuesday

Yesterday was not a great day. It was, in fact, rather trying…..

Suffice it to say, I have issues.  Issues stemming from a less than stellar childhood, with a not so great paternal unit.  These issues will likely continue until the inevitable eventually occurs.  Because when that person is no longer around, that’s when all the BS will finally stop.  One would think that a move to the other side of the world would have accomplished that, but one would be wrong.
So….deep breaths, patience and maybe even a few tears…and it’s time to move on.
What I will focus on is that, while fate did not provide me with the best paternal parental unit, she realized her mistake.  She intervened when she introduced me to one of my oldest friends – K.  I don’t know what I would do without her and her generosity!  Because of her, I’ve been “adopted” by my surrogate Mom and Dad.  And that folks, that is just the best!
I will try to focus on the terrific bits in my life.  My sisters, my nieces and nephew….and my friends….because they are my family!

Sunday Mornings

I spend pretty much every Sunday morning watching Coronation Street.  It’s become a bit of an addiction.  It started years ago, when I was in University.  I’d come back to town for a visit and would watch it with my sister.  As the years continued, I started to watch it more and more on my own.  And now…..I watch it constantly!

Now mind you, when I say “watch”, it’s not quite that passive. It usually consists of me yelling at the screen; and in commercial breaks phoning my sister to dissect the show.  It’s more like “full-contact” viewing.

….and on that note…the commercial is over….time for The Street….

Mmmmmmmmmmmint Chip Ice Cream


I made my custard base last night and let it chill overnight in the fridge.  I find that the ice cream sets best that way; and the flavours really have a chance to meld well.

I used mint fresh out of my planters, and boy oh boy, what a light luscious mint flavour!  I made the ice cream this morning, and added finely chopped bitter sweet chocolate.  I put it in containers in the freezer……and then waited…..

Until I just couldn’t wait anymore…  I just had my first bowl of mint chip ice cream!  And I know it won’t be my last!

In fact, I made another batch of the base just now.  Unfortunately, I had no more fresh mint.  So I made it with mint tea bags.  It seems to taste pretty much the same.  I’m thinking that in this next batch I will also add some chopped peppermint candies with the chocolate.

Today has been a pretty busy day already – market and groceries and a little bit of tidying.  I’ll save the baking for later; but I’m contemplating a peach/blueberry cake.

Mint Chocolate Chip it is….

So I came home to a clean kitchen, that is a cooks dream!  I went right to work on starting the base for the next ice cream creation.

Off to my deck to pick some fresh mint….simmer it with cream and milk….now to steep….

Last Weekend

Made this for a good friend of mine who held her twins birthday party at the local movie theatre. So pleased with how it turned out.

The Weekend Awaits….

It’s Friday afternoon and almost time to head home!  Should be a quiet weekend, the sister and her family won’t be back from vacay till late tomorrow; so no one to hang out with 😦
What’s a girl to do?  Looks like I’ll be making some more ice cream base tonight….apple pie a la mode ice cream or mint chocolate chip? Decisions, decisions…..