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Mmmmmmmmmmmint Chip Ice Cream


I made my custard base last night and let it chill overnight in the fridge.  I find that the ice cream sets best that way; and the flavours really have a chance to meld well.

I used mint fresh out of my planters, and boy oh boy, what a light luscious mint flavour!  I made the ice cream this morning, and added finely chopped bitter sweet chocolate.  I put it in containers in the freezer……and then waited…..

Until I just couldn’t wait anymore…  I just had my first bowl of mint chip ice cream!  And I know it won’t be my last!

In fact, I made another batch of the base just now.  Unfortunately, I had no more fresh mint.  So I made it with mint tea bags.  It seems to taste pretty much the same.  I’m thinking that in this next batch I will also add some chopped peppermint candies with the chocolate.

Today has been a pretty busy day already – market and groceries and a little bit of tidying.  I’ll save the baking for later; but I’m contemplating a peach/blueberry cake.


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