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Found – One Kitty….

Last night while grilling some steaks, I heard a mewling cry down below the balcony.  I went to investigate, because I knew that one of the kids in the complex had lost his kitty.  When I got down there, I found this handsome devil; who is, unfortunately, not the missing kitty.

This little guy flung himself at me, and when I picked him up, he snuggled in, purring loudly.  I put him back down on the ground and he wrapped himself around my feet.  He has no collar and isn’t neutered; he can’t be more than a year old.  He is such a lovey-dovey boy that he must belong to someone!  I just have to find them!

As much as I would love to keep him, we just can’t take in another cat.  We already have five!!!!!

So if I can’t find the owner, I need to find someone else who will give him a forever home……


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