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Long time no write…..

It’s been a crazy busy year, and I’ve often thought I should post something…. pics, words of wisdom… random babble?  Ah well, to put it simply, it’s been a year of baking, fundraising and family time!  I’m throwing up a few pics of stuff I’ve done recently….

The next two weeks will be full of cakes, icing and fondant.

pi cake brain cake2 brain cake 10407643_10152560950647177_3822181542234718759_n 10406531_10152483400597177_1982334184692124239_n 10390215_10152515190992177_82778555884335238_n 1907324_10152433484772177_491024483667152883_n 1613926_10152318179592177_1891428184_n 1606297_10152240290632177_32275931_o 1401746_10151979032252177_1915035928_o 1400361_10151996963732177_1253084786_o


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