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Cake, cake, cake……

Birthday celebrations are done for Miss Mack and now I’m focussing on wedding cake.  Making a wedding cake for this coming Saturday for my niece, M1.  I sure hope the pics in my head come out on cake.  Last night I baked several layers for the top two tiers.  I’m a little nervous about making a fancy-shmancy wedding cake; and currently, have about eleventy billion different designs in my brain (flying unicorns with sparkly rainbows coming out of their butts?).

But here’s the thing, I know, in the end, it’s going to look fine.

I was more concerned about how I would look.  Fercryingoutloud, I haven’t worn heels in years.  And a dress?!!?!?!?  I don’t do that, or at least, not for years.   It was disheartening to see how little choice there is for a larger woman.  It’s either, gross material/pattern or weird ass infantalizing crap.  Look, I am 41 years old – that is too damn old to have a BOW on my ASS! Seriously.   But in the end, I found a gorgeous dress that made me feel young, but not childish.  I did, however, have to take it to the seamstress to remove the dumb-ass sash (again, 41 year old women of any size do NOT need a bow on their ass!).  I had her make it into straps, because while I love the idea of a strapless dress, I’m just not that comfortable letting the “girls” hang out like that.  Picked it up today and it looks GREAT!

It’s hard to believe that this time next week M1, will be MRS. M1….. I remember when she had an atrocious bowl cut and was collecting stuffed toys.  Sigh…. all growed up now.


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