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So, the second oldest niece got married…..and it was beautiful.  The venue, the music, the food…all beautiful.  But the most beautiful thing was watching M1 take that next step, with her friend and partner by her side.

The cake turned out just as I had hoped! Just a small freakout when setting it all up…. the leg off the cake stand snapped off.  It was a good thing someone had some hockey tape.  We jury-rigged a solution, and no one (the bride) was the wiser!  11953383_10153593606137177_2703841904463591309_o

I had a thousand and one ideas for the design.  Ultimately, I went simple.  Strips of white fondant wrapped around the cake.  I wanted it to look like pleats in a dress.  Where the strips met, I added a row of small pearl “buttons”.  Each tier had different coloured buttons to match the wedding colours; navy, grey, and yellow.   The most important thing was that the Bride and Groom loved it, and it tasted great!

M2 is headed out today to the  B.A.T.D. Fourteenth Annual Highland Weekend and North American Sadie Simpson Highland Scholarship – she’s been working on her choreography, and is ready to shine.  Pretty proud of that not-so-little girl!

It’s been a crazy few weeks, and I’m looking forward to the falling leaves and some quiet.


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