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The Giving of Thanks….

Just as I thought that the whirlwind of family fun was at an end, I was reminded that Thanksgiving is coming up.  It’s always held at Sly’s – and we all take turns buying the main component.  As the hostess extraordinaire, I often organize.  As the youngest sibling, I relish telling those old ladies what to do!

This year, as always, it’s family, and those friends who are like family.  It will truly be a celebration!  M2 will be back from her competition, M1 and her honey will just have returned from the honeymoon, K1 and her honey can tell us all about their new house, P1 will just hang out, and wee E1 will make us laugh with her antics.  Hopefully, everyone will be there!

I’ve started the plan, and started asking/telling everyone what they should bring.  I love when we all get together and share a big meal.  I love doing the cooking and baking – it’s so satisfying!

The days are getting shorter and colder….but at least it’s not this cold yet!

winter bbq


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