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Baking Fest….

The two weeks leading up to Easter were crazy busy!

On March 23rd we celebrated my youngest niece E’s birthday.  I got to bake her cake.  It was based on the decorations that her mom K bought.  I think it turned out great!ImageImageImageImage


The following weekend I made a cake for a friend’s son’s birthday – considering I know nothing about sports, I’m pretty impressed with myself.  ImageImageImageImage


A cold day is a good day to make soup….

Creamed soup is really easy to make.  It’s also a good excuse to clean out the vegetable crisper….

1. Chop an onion (or two), some garlic and a chunk of ginger.  Saute them in a few tablespoons of olive oil.


2. Chop up some vegetables.  I used squash, carrots and sweet potato; but really you can use whatever you have on hand.  If you don’t have anything, just use a can of pumpkin puree!  Just make sure it isn’t pumpkin pie filling – that would be not so good! 🙂


3. Get yourself some broth or water and cover those veg!

soup3    soup4 

4. Bring the mix to a gentle simmer, and cook until the veg are fork tender.


5. Pull out that immersion blender!  I love mine.  I use it for soup, sauces, and smoothies (how’s that for alliteration!?!).  Whiz until smooth.


6. If you are feeling adventurous, you can add hot sauce or a few chilli peppers.  Either way, it’s ready to scoop into a bowl and eat.


You can make as much or as little of this soup as you want.  Add cream if you are feeling decadent.   It’s great served with a piece of crusty bread.


Lazy Winter Day

Just watching the flakes fall…it’s a chilly snowy day and I just don’t have much motivation.  I should be cleaning or doing laundry….or….something.

Instead, I sit in my chair curled up and cozy…maybe I can convince a kitty to come and cuddle….

Pretty in Pink….

So my darling niece M just turned 26…and she has wanted a Barbie cake for as long as I can remember.  No one ever got her one.  So I decided that this year she would get her cake…and she can eat it too! ha ha ha

It’s just a plain yellow cake with chocolate icing, covered in white fondant.  I brushed on edible pink glitter and made polka dots from flattened jube jubes, added some silver dragees and ta da!

I hope it makes her day!


Found – One Kitty….

Last night while grilling some steaks, I heard a mewling cry down below the balcony.  I went to investigate, because I knew that one of the kids in the complex had lost his kitty.  When I got down there, I found this handsome devil; who is, unfortunately, not the missing kitty.

This little guy flung himself at me, and when I picked him up, he snuggled in, purring loudly.  I put him back down on the ground and he wrapped himself around my feet.  He has no collar and isn’t neutered; he can’t be more than a year old.  He is such a lovey-dovey boy that he must belong to someone!  I just have to find them!

As much as I would love to keep him, we just can’t take in another cat.  We already have five!!!!!

So if I can’t find the owner, I need to find someone else who will give him a forever home……

Long Weekend!!

It’s a long weekend this weekend, and even if we are expecting rain, I’m still looking forward to an extra day off!

In Ontario,the holiday Monday is generally known as Simcoe Day, in honour of the first Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada.    However, in many municipalities, the holiday is named for local historical figures.  Here in Guelph, we celebrate John Galt Day.

I may take in some of the festivities downtown at our newly renovated Market Square, buuuuuuut…… if it’s as stinky hot as they are predicting, I may just spend the day by my pool.

Monday is looking to be one stellar holiday Monday!  Sunny and hot.  I’ll be q’ing it at the Parental Units visiting with K, J & Wee E.  I can hardly wait to give wee E a cuddle and pinch those shmoooshable cheeks!
So, to everyone – Have a happy holiday weekend!

Day at the Beach

Spent a wonderful day at Inverhuron yesterday.  Totally disconnected from the world – it was a much-needed rest.  Inverhuron is one of the best hidden gems.  It’s in a provincial park and you can camp there, or just visit for the day.

Usually when we traipse up to Inverhuron, we go with the niece and the nephew, but yesterday they were at camp, and we went without them.  Such a treat to sit and read without interruption, and to bake slowly on the beach.

Now I just have to figure out when I can go back.